what makes us different

Why our clients trust us

Experienced and trained staff

By investing in the training of our people, we educate them to ensure their ability to properly handle all hazardous materials that enter our facilities and operate our machinery and installed systems safely.

Measurement and reporting

All items delivered to our facility are weighed and categorized by general raw material or item type. Once the level of reporting detail is communicated by the client, further measurement is taken after processing to report on raw material output; consequently the client will better understand the carbon impact of its disposal project.

Compliance and transparency

Tadwire takes pride in being a registered, certified collector and recycler in Kuwait with a trade licence approved by the Kuwait environmental public authority, and soon more international certificates will be added to its portfolio. Clients are welcomed to witness our processes to properly understand the end of life cycle of the items they chose to dispose of.

Evidence of recycling

When required, the client can ask for video or photo evidence of the dismantling, shredding and destruction of the delivered items. The images below represent a report sample from a previous job (click to enlarge).

How are we different

What goes into our process

1. Collect information and offer a proposal

2. Carry out the logistics to prepare for recycling

3. Recycling / processing

4. Reporting / Destruction evidence

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