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Tadwire is leading the way in sustainable waste management solutions in the country. As the first recycling facility of its kind, we are committed to fixing the waste problem overall and supporting thriving businesses and households. With the support of the Kuwaiti National Fund, we are proud to be at the forefront of a movement towards a more sustainable and circular economy.

Our vision at Tadwire is to set the benchmark for sustainable environmental protection in the country. We are dedicated to finding innovative solutions to waste management and environmental issues and strive to create a healthier and more sustainable future for our community.

At Tadwire, our mission is to educate and improve Kuwait’s ecosystem and infrastructure of waste management solutions. We believe in creating a circular economy through reusability and recycling, which is why we offer a range of services including electronic waste collection and recycling, cardboard recycling, plastics recycling, and secure data destruction, all-the-while offering comprehensive reporting and evidence throughout the process. Our commitment to sustainable waste management practices ensures that households and businesses can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable future for Kuwait.



We applied for a loan from the KNF to create an electronic and specialized waste recycling facility


After being approved, we began sourcing the machinery, vehicles, team, and began collections from a small warehouse


We installed several production lines and manual sorting lines to deal with the ever growing demand for our services


We improved on our practices, certifications, and production lines, and continue to add to our ongoing list of contracts with companies, to offer end to end solutions for various waste categories 

The motto

that makes up the core operating standards of all recycling initiatives
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Avoid excessive consumption by purchasing less disposable items, and investing more into reusability. Another way we commit to waste reduction, in the case where a waste product has no recycling potential, we downsize and landfill to decrease it’s carbon footprint. 

Where possible and permissible, fix items or repurpose them to give them another life. The second hand electronics industry is vital for some people that cannot have access or afford new electronics or other reusable goods. 

If all else fails, we upcycle raw materials through the supply chain, and recycle commodities to be reused in other industrial in their raw form. 

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